Blacklists (Germany 1944-1952)

Images of the Black, White, Gray Lists

The links below will take you to the images of the Black, White, Gray Lists for the dates indicated. The research group is currently in the process of digitizing the information and it will become available in a fully searchable format. Some of the lists have already been digitized. There is a further list available from November 1944. This list was put together using various intelligence sources available to the allied Psychological Warfare Division. The information was gleaned from intercepted radio traffic to other mundane sources like the telephone books that they had collected from embassies that had been taken over when hostilities commenced. 

November 18, 1944

(A digitized database containing the contents of the November 18, 1944 "Black List" may be found at

October 10, 1945

December 1, 1945

April 1, 1946

June 1, 1946

August 1, 1946 

November 1, 1946

March 1, 1947